Puppet-Sockette-Silly-Hand Puppet-Mango-Imaginative Children

Puppet-Sockette-Silly-Hand Puppet-Mango-Imaginative Children

$ 30.00 USD

Mango Sockette Hand Puppet  Seriously, if this puppet cannot spark imagination in a child, nothing can! Like all Sockette puppets, Mango is beautifully made and has a darling face and check out that mustache. 

One of the coolest monsters around, Mango is sure to deliver a child’s smile with her crazy orange hair, her googly eyes and her red tongue that squeaks when you squeeze it. Have children tell you who she looks like, tell you about her friends and what she likes to do on the weekends…Monster’s Ball, anyone?

 All Sockette hand puppets are 16”, hand knitted, contain lots of colorful stripes, have a large moving mouth with a squeaker, and have bags of personality.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.