Puppet-Sockette-Silly-Hand Puppet-Buttons-Imaginative Children

Puppet-Sockette-Silly-Hand Puppet-Buttons-Imaginative Children

$ 30.00 USD

H: 16 inches
W: 5.5 inches
L: 5 inches

Buttons! This fabulous sockette puppet looks great with his red, orange and yellow stripes,  has lots of green fur and large green buttons. He has a full working mouth with a squeaker in his tongue!

The Buttons Sockette Glove Puppet has a Long striped "neck" that goes all the way up to your elbow. Buttons is made from a soft and sturdy knit, and his head is big enough to accommodate an adult hand.

Kids can use their Buttons Sockette Hand Puppet in a puppet theater, or improvise their own theater using the back of the sofa. Or, parents can use him to tell funny bedtime stories, or just make kids giggle with puppetry and wacky voices.



Recommended for ages 3 and up.