Puff-n-Play 25 Key Melodica by Schoenhut - Seasonal Expressions - 2

Musical Children-Puff-n-Play-25 Key Melodica-Schoenhut

$ 40.00 USD

product dimensions (LxWxH inches) 13.75 x 4 x 2
package dimensions (LxWxH inches| Cube) 16 x 6 x 4 | .22
weight in lbs. 3
ages 6 and up

A unique instrument, this small melodica produces sounds through the mouthpiece and keyboard. The melodica’s sound is considered a great combination of woodwind and key instruments, with songs played on two full octaves. The versatile construction of the tube allows the melodica to be played on a table or held in a traditional manner. Young musicians will learn harmony while having fun! Includes: Mouthpiece, flex tube, deluxe carrying case. With so many options for instruments to choose from, why is Schoenhut the best? At Schoenhut, we prioritize safety over all else. For over 140 years, our brand has been the optimal choice for toy instruments. We meet and exceed the safety standards implemented in the United States and Europe, including EN17, ASTM, and CPSIA. Our strong, patented construction makes our products the most durable for children and adults. Parents can be reassured knowing that their child is having fun, learning, and enjoying the safest toy instrument in the industry!