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The Fossil Collection for your gift giving

The Fossil Collection for your gift giving

Everybody is fascinated by dinosaurs. From their size to wondering what really happened to them. A few facts I read on; The North American Tyrannosaurus Rex was 40 feet from head to tail and weighed eight tons. Paleontologists speculate that Tyrannosaurus Rex may have lived as long as 30years, female T. Rex outweighed their male counterparts by a few thousand pounds. One feature of Tyrannosaurus Rex that everyone likes to make fun of is its arms, which seem disproportionately tiny compared to the rest of its massive body. The fact is, though, that T. Rex's arms were over three feet long, and may have been capable of bench-pressing 400 pounds each.

The big  museum quality collection we have of contemporary and extinct fossils  is the perfect gift for the person who is a collector or starting a collection of these awe inspiring pieces. 

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