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Seasonal Expressions 11/08/2015

Seasonal Expressions 11/08/2015

Why is Indian Summer called Indian Summer? There are a few theories but according to the 1985 Old Farmer's Almanac they feel that the most probable origin of the term goes back to the early settlers in New England. Each year they would welcome the cold wintry weather in late October so they could leave their stockades unarmed. Then suddenly they would get warm days and the Native Americans would decide to go after the stockade again so the settlers called that time Indian Summer,

According to Backyard Feeding Bonanza by Jerry Baker, bird keeping is not only to help the birds but to help us as well. When we take care of them, they in turn entertain us with their singing, nest building, raising their young and showing us their personalities. The whole family can be involved in this. Kids may take a liking to one particular type of bird and they can be their personal bird keeper. This has the potential to bring the whole family into a project together

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