Expressions of Home

We showcase products that  honor God and Family. Beautiful, quality pieces for your home, and healthy, nurturing activities for the whole family.

Family Values and Together Time

Happy, colorful bulletin board charts to encourage your children to be the best that they can be.
Puppets and Marionettes
Puppets have many benefits for children. Coordination, imagination, speaking in public, and more.
Christian Reading-Good and Evil-Comic Book
Whether you read The Bible, or any story of God's Love. All are great reading in any form
Family Games
Family Time is great--everybody gets involved, a feeling of being an important part of the family is so needed.
Active Children
Happy, Healthy Children can play by themselves or be part of a group activity.
Math Fun
Are the kids having trouble with Math? A big help to them would be playing games with Math involved. Sometimes it is easier to learn in a fun environment.
Early Learning
One of the first words from the young ones is "WHY"? Feed their inquisitive nature with items that feed their curiosity.
Let's Pretend
Kids have great big Imaginations. Watch where they can go with them and enjoy!

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